Move Reports between rows - Currently have to recreate

If I have a page with 8 reports spread across 3 rows (2 in first row, 3rpts in the 2nd & 3rd rows)
I can add a new row (row 4) and successfully move a report to the new 4th row but....
- I cannot move another report to the 2nd column of the new row
- I cannot move any report to column 3 of the first row
- I cannot move any report to the now available space left by the report moved to 4th row

In those last 3 cases I need to manually create a new report with identical settings in the row where I want it and then delete the report from it's previous row. This is very time consuming and clunky.
(I've tried to move the report using Chrome, Firefox, Iron & IE)

Hi Gavin -
This is a known issue that's been reported. If you'd like to send us a note at, we can let you know when it's been resolved. Thanks!