Can I control the sequencing order for tabbing from field to field on a form? It seems to default to top to bottom for each columns of data fields

On a form with 3 columns of fields I would like the user to be able to tab through the 3 fields on a row before moving down to the next row of 3 fields. Is this possible?

As you’re likely aware you can’t set the tab order natively in Knack. Tagging my code buddies :man_technologist: who may have some idea of how to achieve this :man_shrugging: @StephenChapman @Callum.Boase @KnackPros


@Pete1 @CarlHolmes no code required!
Simply set the next row of fields into a new group on the form.
The tab order will recognise the fields in group 1 before tabbing down to group 2.
This GIF should demonstrate how to set that up:



Oh yeah…that would do it :laughing:

I amaze myself sometimes when I fail to see the wood :wood: for the trees :deciduous_tree: :deciduous_tree:

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Thanks for that but I cannot see what is meant by a new “Group”.
What defines a “group” of fields?

Yeah, personally I’m not a fan of GIFs. They move too fast and are hard to follow. I always have to watch them 30-times in a row. Having said that, this one is simple enough. What he is doing is creating two rows, each one is a “group”. You just have to try and experiment by dragging and dropping the fields on your form. Personally I think Knack’s form builder is rather poor. I could cite better examples but I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Sorry about it not being clear @Pete1.
Firstly you’ll want to create your three columns with fields side-by-side, and then to add a new group, you want to click and drag your next field below the other fields until the horizontal divider spans the entire width of all three columns. That’s when you know you’re inserting the field into a new group.

I agree with @PeterJurgen that the form editor is not very user-friendly.

Thanks - that now makes sense to me.

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