Move "Powered by Knack"

I’m just looking for some CSS to move the “powered by knack” to the right of the page (instead of it defaulting to the left). I couldn’t find any matching articles or help?

Hi Kim,

You can try this:

#kn-powered-link { 
  text-align: right; 

Thank you much! I tried this and even added the !important but no luck. Let me know if you have any other thoughts?

Hm that’s odd.

Maybe there are syntax errors somewhere in the CSS. Have you tried pasting your CSS into a tool like JSFiddle? It will highlight any syntax errors.

Or instead of text-align:right; you can try text-align:end; or float:right;


I do have alot of custom CSS perhaps that is preventing it from working. I’ll check ou the JSFiddle, thanks!

Easiest way is to test CSS directly with the browser Inspector - e.g. How to Use the Chrome Inspector to Edit Your Website CSS - Design TLC and there’s lots of pages on this topic including Knack’s help pages - Using CSS with Knack.

Cuts out the guessing and re-trying of CSS