Change Layout of Table Headings

Does anyone know how to right align the headings of tables? 



Thank you Sunny, very much.  I will take a look.

Place your css code here 

Any way to give a detailed answer as to where you put that code?  I am not a programmer but learn quickly.  I wish this platform had videos on how to do specific things like this.  You can then use the concept to do even more things.  one premise of KNACK is that non programmers can build apps.  I can testify that this is true.  Where they leave you at the curb is providing learning materials to take you to the next level.  

Hello Zap,

Try below code 

table th


text-align: right;
padding-right: 1px;




Sunny Singla

I want to post a non-reply to let you know that I am trying to join and help start a user community.  I call it a non-reply because I don't think you can change the alignment.  If Knack would add a true form interface with can grow/shrink fields and WYSIWYG design tools, I would pay twice what I do.