Any ideas on how to wrap the titles in a table?

By way of intro - I’m not a coder in any way (sorry) and am an amateur Knack user - although we use it extensively in our business and have done for years, so I’m pretty good at using the tool directly - it’s the tweaks that get me!

For years we have been using the CSS provided by Knack to wrap the titles in our tables - which is:

.kn-table th {
white-space: inherit;

I don’t understand CSS so I have no idea what this is or did - but it has suddenly stopped working and Knack tells me that the code it’s no longer supported, and they will remove it from their documentation. So now our tables are a mile wide and don’t fit on the screen and are totally unusable.

I would be unbelievably grateful if anyone had a fix for this. Thanks, Jo

Hello Joyo,

You can insert a break manually in each header title where you want. Like in below image

Sunny Singla


O M G – as simple as that – DOH! Thank you so much!!!

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