CSS Styling of Titles

As a Knack Builder, I would like to have additional CSS elements available (H3 applied to Titles for example) so that when the app is embeded, I can easily apply my embeds’ styles to these elements.

Currently, for example, on a Details view, a “Title/Instructions” added only ever has h3 styling.

The reason that kn-title is only currently applied to h1 and h2 is that those levels are ones that are available within the field setups on views, such as a Details view.

Hi Tony,

Guessing you want to style the h2 text via font and style including mainly the size? You can change this via CSS in the editor "API & code" section. I would say this is the best method other than whats been suggested previously.

You will need to target the text with within the developer tools on your browser and locate the targeted field and add the properties you wish to change.

Otherwise, pop me an email and I can do it for you in 2 minutes.