Embedded CSS

As a Builder I would like to be able to use the Knack theme CSS versus the embedded website's CSS when embedding pages. I want to use the embed option to be able to tightly control my URL, but would prefer to use Knack's theme and there's no easy way to embed with my CMS tool (WP, Squarespace, Wix, etc.) on a styleless theme.

Thanks for this reply. The !important override can probably work (I am still experimenting) but in reality, I would prefer to just declare once that I want Knack's default style to override the SquareSpace or WP theme when embedded. The challenge I have is that I want Knack embedded in my page but the design focused fonts & sizes iSquarespacespace theme are not great for the app's UX. I hope that makes sense.

It seems I mis-read the original post somewhat. Looks like Kevin was looking for !important...!important type css prioritisation. After a support query with Knack, I was directed to this page:


Don't know if it's helpful for you Kevin but it does mention important! tags and specificity in CSS. Maybe it helps but requires element planning and coding tho - it's not a one-click solution.

I found the help page useful as I discovered where to put CSS in the app. Rather than doing all CSS in Wordpress etc. So hope this link will at least help new users with where they can put CSS code into the app.

Maybe there is also a Feature Request in
1) being able to define your own IDs and tags in the builder. Could save a time - and maybe enable a place to add !important
2) there may be some time-saving benefit in displaying any existing css selectors/tags/id an element will have in the frontend - to avoid Inspect Element routine (tho it's not really a big deal / priority I guess.

Yes, good idea. Currently been trialling Knack and found that with Wordpress you can do some great 'skinning'. Runs fast. Much more so that Wordpress. Of course this could be drupal or some other CMS or site thingy but I only know WP.

However would certainly help to have built in CSS for self-containment of knack.

But since knack integrates really well with WP, I can live with that and value the embedding option.

Now am looking for integrations with WP users for some for sort of seamless SSO between knack and WP log-in. Integromat comes close but no 'edit user' or 'new user' it doesn't seem. So does prove your point about integrated CSS.