More forgiving / intelligent connected record selector (eg. spelling)

Hi guys. One of the main 'connect records' I add to a lot of my forms are people's names. Obviously not everyone is good at spelling and there are a lot of variations of the spelling of certain names eg. Emily, Emilie, Emelie. If a user misspells even slightly a name that they're trying to select, they are often led to believe that the record doesn't exist and then enter a new (duplicate) record which is a real pain.

If the connected record selector could detect similarly spelled names / words that would be amazing rather than relying on an exact spelling match. I notice Facebook for example, suggested 'Emelie Lima' to me when I'd typed 'Emilie Lima' (see image). As an aside it would also be a great bonus if images could be included in the selector as per Facebook.

Another way it could be improved is that if you have, for example, a double-barrelled name eg. Christine Maitland-Francis, if you type 'Francis' into the selector, Christine won't show as her surname doesn't start with Francis.

Please consider improving this! Thanks

Further to comments above, I forgot to mention that foreign accents on letters are also not recognised in the selector, so if I enter a guy's name as 'Árpád' (which I did recently) - if I try and find him again by typing 'Arpad' it will not find him.

Very cool ideia!