More Display Options for Dates

I would like more options to display dates, such as with text ("January" instead of 1/17). Similar to options in MS Excel that you can choose a display output for dates. In tables with a lot of data and numbers it would really help visibility to have some dates display with text.

Re: Jessie not in a Pivot table when I need to organize the data by date. Pivot tables that display info with dates look a mess right now since I can't adjust how the dates are displayed

No need for the downvote. While it is absolutely possible currently, it would definitely make it more user friendly to have them as choices in the field settings.

I can workaround with getDateMonth equations and creating multiple choice options for display options based on the date month equation, but we have a lot of data to try to add in Knack and just setting dates to different display options in tables would make it a lot easier and quicker to set our systems. And there are only 2 default choices which pretty limited, more options would just make it easier to set up. A lot of time I don't want it to display the date and only the month, and thats not a display option, I have to do the workaround to display it that way

It's already possible with a text formula field !