Mileage Rates and Logging Travel

I’m building an app - Mileage Tracking and Reimbursement.

Table 1 - Year and IRS rate.

Table 2 - Date Traveled, person, from and to, starting and ending mileage, purpose, reconciled… basic stuff.

I have two issues I’m trying to resolve.

  1. I have a connection from the traveling detail to the IRS Rate. I have a formula that extracts the year from the entered date, however the connection doesn’t seem to use the year. You have to select the year from the dropdown to grab the rates. How can I retrieve the rate from the IRS file? I don’t want to give people the option, since they would always pick the year with the largest rate, and if they enter a 12/31/2022 and a 1/1/2023 record it should have rates for the appropriate year, one for each year.

  2. I have a grid set up for accounting to filter the records for a person, and date. I have a summary so they can see cost totals. The problem is by including the total the grid totals everything , including “starting mileage” and “ending mileage”. The total is correct, but having the total of the mileages looks terrible.

  1. Unfortunately Knack isn’t like SQL (even if it uses a SQL backend somewhere on Amazon). In SQL you would just make your year field a key and link on those. Knack links on hidden fields which they won’t let you see (which btw is absolutely ridiculous, but they are afraid that users will inadvertently wreck their databases). So there is probably some clever work-around that someone can think of. Off the top of my head it doesn’t come to me.

  2. In the build click on the grid’s field heading and select “No” on “Allow Summary” in the properties panel.

Thank you… I agree on the key field. I’m from the DB2 world. More control, but slower development. I do like Knack, but it does have it’s limitations.

As for the totals… I think I’m missing something obvious somewhere. I’ve clicked on the field, but can’t suppress the totals - see image below. I don’t want to suppress totals for the Amount to reimburse, since accounting would need to see that, just the totals for a specific fields.

Look at your image on the lefty side panel.
Select “No” on “Allow Summary” in the properties panel. Currently you have it set to “Yes”.

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I see now that it was an ID 10 T issue… I can’t believe I couldn’t see that… Thank you!