Map Pin Detail - How to change?

Hi All
I am sure I used to be able to change what was shown the popup after clicking on a mapping pin??

That is, in a mapping screen, when you click on a pin, The list scrolls to the pin, and a small popup appears showing (currently, in my case) the building name and the address and a link to get directions.
I want to show a different field info in this popup. Maybe even add a modal edit link.

Can this be done?

Hey @Guy1, I actually went through the same need this morning!
Unfortunately you won’t be able to add a link to another page in the popup, but you can change the displayed field using the Title Field in the Map Settings section:

If you need to display multiple fields of data, you can use a Text Formula to concatenate it all.

I also like to hide the directions link with this piece of CSS:

#bodyContent p:last-child {
  display: none;
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Thank you for the comprehensive response :pray:

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