Control what displays in the popup over map pins

there doesnt seem to be a way to control what displays in the popup over map pins other than the title field?

GoBrik requests this amongst other map feature requests:

By the way, I worked out how to modify the info in the map popup.  Its a workaround, but works for me.

I create an additional text formula field in the object being mapped, in my case called Popup Text.

Then in the map settings, change the value of the Title Field to Popup Text.

In Popup Text I use a text formula to create the string I need to display, for example:

{ServiceCode} at {StreetName} in {Suburb}. <BR>Status is {Status} .

This becomes and displays in the popup as a string like:

Burst Main at Taroona Street in HAWLEY BEACH. 
Status is In progress .

You can use basic html codes to add colour, vary size, include new lines, change font, etc.  Maybe even add a link- haven't tried that ...

Hope this helps someone in the future ...

Russ, thanks for that CSS tip -this removed the "directions' link for me, which i also saw as a liability rather than a benefit.  if you ever get an inkling of how to add more valuable information to that popup please post back!

This is important to us also.  Our users have been complaining and declining to use our app because their personal addresses were being automatically mapped and listed on our map of users.

We were able to bandaid solve this by adding the following custom CSS to at least remove the sensitive address info:

#bodyContent {display: none !important;}

This removes the address and link on all maps in your app.

Now just the name appears on the map pin-- which is pretty useless.  This should really be something that is easier to customize on the map control panel.

 Ideally we would like to keep the person's name, and replace their geo-address with another field (i.e. their account status).

Also, The "Get Directions" link in the map pin is completely useless to us. However, it would be valuable to change this text and this link to say: "View User Profile" so that the association between clicking the pin and viewing the user's profile on the side is clearer.


Hi Elaine,  - Did you get any ideas about this?  


I'm looking for a similar feature.

It is critical for us to be able to delete and/or add details which appear in the map popup windows. Is this a feature Knack would consider in the near future?