Changing map pins

I would like to modify the map pins to a custom image. The only CSS reference to the pin image is for an <alt src> tag for older browsers. So it is showing the image from another source that seems to be over my head. Does anyone know how I can customize the pins to a different graphic? I know that I can modify the pins color with rules however I want to take it a step further with completely custom pins.

Any chance you can share how you changed the map pins for Google maps?

We just chose to maintain the google maps and not switch to the new maps we just had to use our own google api key.. and as you can see the maps are working just fine on our site:

Tony, I note the pins appear to be back to default with new maps,  Pleas elet us know if you work out how to do this again ...

Hey Tony,

Can you please share how did you achieve to customize the map pins?

Also how did you link different images (pins) to different knack record types.


Hi Tony - how did you achieve this?

Oh I did it you can see the map here.


I'm just starting to look at the mapping in Knack, but it is really important to me. I'm trying to convert homegrown system for a non profit into something that someone other than me can maintain.

Tony Lewis, I don't think the CSS would affect the pin.  It would be in the KML (xml) or GeoJSON that is passed to the mapping service.

In need to crack that code as well and will let you know what i come up with.

That said... in my experience there is a huge difference between using a truly custom image for a pin or selecting one of 50 or 100 alternative pins that mapping service provides.  The main difference is in how "3D-ish" the pin looks... like how some pins have shadows and how they behave.  Just slapping on a new graphic doesn't give you that effect.  Using one of the alternative icons the mapping service offers should look better.

So, what kind of pin are you looking for?