Making connections to accounts and secondary reported incidents

Hi there,

I’m trying to create an app for my school. This is what I want:

  1. Administration should see all reports and be able to assign them for further completion.
  2. Logged in teachers should be able to report and follow up reports their own reports.
  3. Logged in teachers should be able to receive incidents to follow other staff members reports, assigned by the principal.
  4. All teachers are responsible for a certain class (we call this a ‘mentor’). If another teacher reports something related to this class, the mentor should be able to see and follow up those reports.

Now, I’ve gotten everything up to work up until 4. I can’t seem to get it right with the mentor/teachers who are responsible for a class to work. In the report I have a form value called ‘Class’. I have a data source with teachers connected (responsible) to classes. But still, I can’t seem to get it to work.

Please help!


Yes, the principal have more rights than the teacher, but this I've gotten to work.

I have a 'master' record for an Incident logg (that logs dates, incident status, and so on). It creates and connects to several child records (one for a description of the incident, one for an investigation, one for a following in). In the description is where the person who reports selects the class related to the student (seen in the screenshot below). Each incident can have up to four students (and their classes) related to it.

All these four fields (klass 1, klass 2, klass 3, klass 4) are connections to the mentor-class data, which connects to the accounts (see screenshots - text is all in Swedish though).

What I'm trying to accomplish is that if one of these four fields for classes contains class that is related to a an account (a mentor), it should be displayed in a table for the mentor. i.e. If I'm set up to be mentor for class 4, I'm shown incidents where class 4 appears.

Maybe explain your data schema a bit more. You have 'teacher' records with many:many connections to 'report' and I think that you have 'class' records which also seem to have many:one connections to 'teacher' but maybe one:many to 'report'. I'm not sure if 'incidents' and 'mentors' are different records or just synonyms for existing records? Also, do principal and administration have different or same rights/role - which is presumably more rights than 'teacher'