Connection Confusion

I have two record types:

  1. Accounts (with connection to Accounts called Holiday Approver);
  2. Absences (with connection to Accounts called Staff Connection).

e.g. Mr Staff’s Holiday Approver is Mr Manager and any Absences created by Mr Staff are connected to Mr Staff…

I’d like to create a grid whereby Mr Manager can login and view all Holiday Requests for all Accounts for which he is the Holiday Approver. So in this example, Mr Manager (and only Mr Manager) can see Mr Staff’s Absences.

I’ve setup the grid as follows:

which is showing Mr Staff the Absences of Mr Manager… but I need it to be the other way round. Any ideas that don’t require the connection living on the “Manager” account object?

Hi, Harry!

We would love to help you with this setup! Please look out for a message in your inbox with details! :slight_smile:

Happy Knacking!

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