Make (Integromat) update record module

I have been working on this “should be easy” item for 2 days and I obviously am missing something.

I have an app where, based on their job title, I need to add a list of annual training requirements to new users as they are added. I am using the following 4 objects for this -

  1. Accounts - standard Knack object connected to an object (Job Titles) which is just a pick list of job titles.
    Billy Jones - Driver
    Freida Easton - Driver
    Sally Smith - Manager

  2. Training Requirements by Job Title - each job title has multiple requirement records - connected to Accounts (1:1)
    Driver - Defensive Driving 1
    Driver - First Aid
    Driver - Fire Safety
    Manager - First Aid
    Manager - Managing People 101

  3. Training Requirements by Person - connected to Accounts (1:1)
    Billy Smith; Defensive Driving 1; 2023
    Billy Smith; First Aid; 2023
    Billy Smith; Fire Safety; 2023
    Freida Easton; Defensive Driving 1; 2023
    Freida Easton; First Aid; 2023
    Freida Easton; Fire Safety; 2023
    Sally Smith; First Aid; 2023
    Sally Smith - Managing People 101; 2023

In Make I have created a scenario with an immediate trigger on a new Account being added. After that, the following modules run in order

  1. Get the Account record for the new user (Item 1 above).
  2. Search for Records for the Training Requirements by Job Title - produces a list of bundles of job title requirements (Item 2 above).
  3. Create a Record for each bundle in Training Requirements by Person. - this is where it goes wrong (Item 3 above).

Two records are created for each Create a Record module. On the first, the Account name, Year are added successfully but Training Type is blank. An additional record for the Training Type is also added with a blank Account and Year (but only one operation is used). To troubleshoot - I tested by adding the data to a Google Sheet and it was successful. It is all on one row. So, it is all there when I’m ready to “Create a Record” but it does it in two records in Knack instead of one like the Google Sheet row. As a possible solution, I then tried doing the action in 2 steps - Create a Record and then a follow up Update a Record with the same results.

This leads me to believe that the problem lies in my connection in Knack but if I’m right, I’m not sure how to fix it on either side.

If you’ve made it this far - thanks. Any advice is so appreciated.


Hi @KathyHiggi39830,

although i like Make for many things, i try to stay within Knack as long as possible. I am wondering if creating another object “Job title” (containing two rows “Driver” resp. “Manager” with 1:n connections to “Training accounts” and to “Training requirements by Job Title”) would solve your case.

When you create the form “Please choose your Training”, you can restrict the records shown to those required by the job title of the logged-in user.

The table “Training required for your job title” displays the object’s “Training req by job title” records connected to the same “Job title” connected to the logged-in “Training account”.

The table" You have already selected these trainings" displays the object’s " Training req by person" records connected to the logged-in “Training account” .

Thanks for your reply! It didn’t solve the problem but got me thinking about it differently. Ultimately the issue was that I had 2 Make scenarios running on “Add” and the second one didn’t work at all. Turning it off fixed my extra record problem. :face_with_peeking_eye:
One more reminder to always look at the basics first… lol. Thanks again for your suggestions.

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