Create records based on user input

Anyone have an idea on how to accomplish the following?

This is a safety application where an employee uses a piece of equipment. They have to check it first. Currently they use paper checklist but we are attempting to move them to knack.

They select the date and the piece of equipment. This then needs to create a set of safety records which they then have to approve, or state what repairs may be required.

My problem is each piece of equipment has a different safety list.. I have the safety list in a table. I have that table linked to the equipment. So I know which records apply to that piece of equipment.

What I don't easily see is how to generate the records on the fly as the user selects the equipment so that the next screen they see has those records ready to be updated.

Thoughts anyone?


So, my problem is I don't see how record rules will help me...

If a piece of equipment has 5 safety Checklist records required and another has 3 different safety checklist record, how will it insert 5 records in the record rules for one and 3 for the other, one for each type of safety record?

850 Dozer has 3 safety record types associated to it: Fluids, Filters, Engine.

When the user selects the Dozer, I need them to be presented with those three safety records, and they will be required to fill them in..

950 Scraper has 5 safety record types associated to it: Fluids, Oil, Fan belt, Pin Bolt and Grease Bar

When the user selects the Scraper I need them to be presented with those five safety records and they will be required to fill them in

The Foremen will add Equipment, and add the Safety types to the Equipment, that should then feed into a table for the users of that piece of equipment for that day to do the safety checks on...

I have a Safety Checklist Object that contains the names of the checklists.

I have an Equipment Object that contains the Equipment name and a link to the Safety Checklist object so that multiple items from the checklist can be asigned to the Equipment.

I have a Employee Checklist Object that contains the Employee, Job Site, Equipment (link), and Date

I have a Safety Record Linked to the Employee Checklist which contains the Checklist name, Yes/No and Reason

This is where the issue is.. There are multiple Safety Records for each Employee Checklist, depending on the Checklists assigned to the Equipment. These are the records I need to generate (one for each checklist assigned to the Equipment) once the employee has selected the equipment and created the Employee Checklist Object.

The employee then needs to fill in each checklist with a yes/no and if no a reason..

Hopefully this makes some sense..