Generate Records?

I am developing a preventive maintenance program for our facility management department.
I have already designed the database with the respective tables for locations, equipment, inventory, schedules, etc.

The final step is to generate work order records based on information found in the main tables.

I’m struggling with how to generate the work order records within the Knack system.
I’ve looked at the workflow feature, but can’t really see any way to accomplish this.

The pseudo code would be something like this…

“Generate work orders for all equipment where the Last_Maintenance_Date is older than 6 months”

Any guidance would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,


We personally send “nagging” e-mails every day until the maintenance is performed e.g.

"The **** at **** will require maintenance within the next 7 days by Robyn. "

You could try something like this Can A New Recorded Be Created Automatically When A Field Is Change? - #2 by Sunny_Singla comparing dates.

Thanks Dean. I will research Record Rules within the Form Rules feature. I’m also going to look at the Action Links feature. The Knack docs suggest both features can be used to generate new records. Hopefully within a separate table.


Sorry, took your question a bit too literally.

It sounds like you have 2 steps to address.

  1. Manually create Work Orders for all assets with the last maintenance greater than 6 months.
  2. When you complete each of these Work Orders you use a Record Rule to create a new Work Order with a maintenance due date based on the scheduled maintenance cycle for the equipment.

Here’s an example of what we do for our recurring cleaning jobs.

Prior to reading your response, I started think that I would likely have to manually create the first batch of work orders due to the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any feature to loop through records.
So, your reply has confirmed this assumption.

This is very helpful to see an example of a Record Rule. Thanks!