Link text from separate column

We currently have a website url in one column of data, and the text we want to use as the link in another. In this simple case, it's a name of a brewery, and a link to their website. If we create a data page that is a simple table (with no details), the process of setting the link to something other than the url needs to be done manually.

What we would like is the ability to use the information in another column as the link text. In this example, the name of the brewery is a hyperlink to the website.

Not sure if this is the same as what the others are talking about, but I love the idea of the "value links" however those links can only be set for a connected field. It would be nice to link any field to a connected page. So for instance say you have a table with names and addresses which are all in one object. Instead of having to create a "View Details" link I could just have the "Name" field link to the view details page for that record. From my experience watching people use my apps they are always first clicking on one of the main fields to see more rather than clicking on the "View Details" link.

I would also like to have this feature. Here is what we are trying to accomplish:

We send shipping confirmations to customers that include tracking numbers. Currently there isn't a way to use that tracking ID field as the link. I was told we could only do that manually each time.

Hi! If I'm understanding your request here, I think we already have this feature available. Could you check out the "How to Add Value Links to Views" help article and see if it fits your needs?

If not, would you mind elaborating here on what would need to be added for this feature to do what you're aiming to set up?

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