Limits on form emails on submission

Hi, is there a limit to the number of form rules to send emails after the form is submitted? For example, can I add 50 emails, one rule each? or 100?

Hi @Nick4 - there’s no published upper limit for rules that send emails. However, it may affect the time the form takes to submit.

Not sure if this is Nick in Tasmania who I worked with on a similar Integromat scenario using form rules to send an email to a webhook?

I’d test the theory by simply copying the email form rule and adding 50 all going to the same email address with a different number subject line.

You will then be able to ascertain how long the form takes to submit when running the email rules.

Hi Carl, yep busted :-), lol. I thought I’d check whether anyone out there actually knew of a limit. I shall be testing it and reporting my findings.


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I thought it sounded too familiar :laughing:

We could change this around and use a Webhook triggered by JavaScript instead.

Using a Mailhook is a simpler solution but the JS route would not hold up the form from submitting as the code, and therefore triggers, would run in the background.

If you want to connect again I can show you how to switch the first module from a mailhook to a JS webhook with the required code.

Probably best to do this before you get too far down the road with the template scenario we created.

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