Limitations of Custom Date Filters in Tables

Custom filters in Tables are limited to a single criterion. So there is no way to filter the Date to select the last n days plus today. The filter “is during the previous n days” excludes today because it is not previous. If one is trying to respond to the notion of “recent” records it should include previous and current.

This could be handled by implementing Custom filters with multiple filters or defining a new criterion “is during the current and previous”


Hi Terry,

I have created the KTL and it does exactly what you need.
Go read the documentation, in the sections User Filters and Public Filters.
The KTL can be found here: Knack Toolkit Library on GitHub

Is is jammed packed with tons of cool features and coding utilities.
All free and Open Source.

Let me know if you have any questions,
Normand D.

Thank you Normand - looks like a great resource

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