Need For Rolling Days, Weeks and Months!

I want to set up a simple Table that shows all records from the last two or three months of entries right up to the current date.
I’ve been trying to get the filter working with a filter of “During the previous 3 months” however, it turns out that that’s not how date filters work.
This is not clearly explained in the help pages for filtering Tables, however, according to the blog post from 2014, “During the previous x weeks or months” EXCLUDES the current week or month! Apparently, this was done to avoid confusion. But Waaay - now that is very unexpected behaviour for me!
To overcome the issue, there is a concept of “rolling years” which is the past or future 365 days from now depending on whether you are looking for the previous or next rolling year.
However, this only applies to Years.
The blog suggests using “During the previous x days” to simulate rolling weeks, however, that doesn’t work when you need more than 30 days. And “During the previous x days” still excludes the current date.
The solution is to create a special field that is used only to decide whether to show the record in the view or not - but that is really tedious and hidden behaviour.
Much better would be to simply allow Rolling Days, Weeks and Months with the same logic as Rolling Years - so that they INCLUDE the current DAY, WEEK or MONTH.
One final point: The start point of the Rolling Month and Year should not be a fixed number of days: Years can have 365 or 366 days, and Months can have 28-31 days, so rolling Years and Months should work to the applicable date in the year or month offset by the correct number of Years or Months.