Add date filters for ROLLING dates: days, weeks, months

Allow filters for "today AND the previous/next X [days,weeks,months,years]"

Date filters currently include "during the previous" period for days, weeks, and months. These will specify records that have dates for the "previous" period - e.g. if it's Jan. 15, "during the previous 3 months" will include records from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, and will not include any records from Jan. 1-15. For days, weeks, and months, a "rolling" feature is required, as is provided for years. "During the previous 3 rolling months" would be result in data from 3 months before the current date, through and including today's records.

soon we have 4 year anniversary on this request

only thing added is rolling years

This process is critical, the previous 3 months cannot exclude the current month. There is no way to have the last 60 days or last 90 days even. This is a minimum requirement for reporting that any basic app used today has. Please assist in this improvement happening as soon as possible. This is impacting our business where the app we have developed is essential to our customers. This is having an actual business impact not just a nice to have.

This request is also relevant to Tasks.


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I am trying to find a precise way to perform a performance calculation exercise for 1yr, 3yr and 5yrs -> this would be possible if I could specify higher amount of days (eg 365) in the formula filters or have an operators which says "is equal" to 1 rolling years. Any help how I can do this with the present operators or any possibility to increase the numbers, because 31 is a bit arbitrary as it works for days but not weeks within a year for example. Thanks !

A between option for filtering dates would be very useful.

Maybe another option is a form of Date Calc which would solve most of your rolling calendar /dates requirements
D= Today
D+1 = Today +1 = Tomorrow's date
M-3 = 3 months ago
M-1= Last Month (or if using in From & To fields then M in the From field = 1st of the month and M in the To field = Last day of the month (M-1 in both fields would be first and last day of previous month)

(W = Week, Y = Year (P could be Period if you built in a 454 fiscal calendar))
and also very importantly combination calcs
e.g. :
MD3 = 3rd of this month
M-1D5 = the 5th of last month
YW+2 = 2nd week of the year
Y-1M11D15 = Last Year, 11th month, 15th Day
Y+1M7D4 = July 4th Next year
Y+1M7D4W+1 = 1 week after July 4th next year

Yes, the way dates in filters are handled now, is not very good.

Also a "Between" option is needed

My use case requires graphs that display the last 13 records, which are grouped by Date. But those dates are seldom up to the current date. Knack has no workaround for this. It allows me to show records from the last 13 months… but if there haven’t been entries for the last 6 months, then the graph shows only 7 records. I need it to always show 13 records.

It would be great to be able to customize which search options you show to users when you have a Date field in a Search view. Currently, the only two Match Types are an exact match, or a very long list of search options. We got feedback during usability testing that the long list of options was confusing. We were able to write some custom code that seems to be working okay to hide some of the options that didn’t make sense for our use case, but it would be great to have that as a feature.

And in case it’s useful to anyone, here is the javascript/jquery code we used to hide the options we didn’t need (in this example, we’re hiding any options in view 244 that contain the word ‘today’ .

$(document).on(‘knack-view-render.view_244’, function(event, page) {$(“option:contains(‘today’)”).remove();});