Let us add filters to Inline edit

Inline edit is one of the best features in knack, because it gives speed on changes. How ever, we still dont have the ability to add filters for the inline options. We have when we use forms, but would be nicer if we also have the option to add filters while using inline edit.

Me too, same problem.

And filtering dropdowns in Javascript is such a pain.

I agree. I don't use the inline edit feature for exactly this reason.

I agree 100%. This is a huge issue for me. I can limit what users see everywhere else, why not in inline edits?

This feature was released, please learn more here:

As a Builder I want to ensure that the Data Source filter I have on my table applies to options in table filters for connection fields and choices when inline editing connection values in the table. Currently the Data Source filter does not apply to these other table components so my Live App user can see values that they shouldn't be.

For example, my table is set to show Employee records connected to the logged-in user's Company. But, if I allow table filters or inline editing for the company field, my Live App user can see all Employee records in both of those connected Employee field dropdowns, not just the Employee records connected to their company.

As another example, we have active and inactive volunteer records. When we're designating assignments from a list of volunteers, inactive users should not show as options to filter by or to choose in a connection field.

You should be able to do this. You may just need to refresh the page after adding the connection field to the form.

I can accomplish limiting the records to Active in the edit form, but not in the table view. Any suggestions?

You are definitely right Adel, there is no functionality to filter drop-down connections in a table view. The alternative would be to have a link to edit the particular record rather than editing inline.
Good request though.