Adding a Filter to the "Add Filters" button


I am needing to add a filter to the "Add Filter" button that is above one of my tables.

The "Add Filter" button allows me to do what I want, which is to filter by Accounts. Unfortunately I don't want all of the names listed in Accounts to be shown as an option to be filtered. Is there any way to filter the names shown in the list of Accounts when I use the "Add Filter" button.  Not using the "Add Filter" button at all is really not an option in this scenario.


Hi Steven,

This may interest you:

Hi Brad, yes, I'm using some JavaScript to modify the functionality of all connection fields and filter when appropriate. I can provide you the code, as well as support with implementation and any further enhancements you may need, for a fee.

Super interested David - any chance of sharing here?

Are you using JS to filter the options in the filter fields form by any chance?

Hey Steven, I've actually implemented a feature that does exactly what you want by filtering both connections in table filters and inline edit fields. If you're interested, feel free to email me at to connect. :)