Front end in-line edit limitations (connected records only)

When you edit fields (cells) in tables from the front-end with "in-line edit" option enabled, it allows all available records in that object to be selected.

Two Requests:

1. Apply Data Source Filter to connection fields (713,791)

2. Apply Show options (1516) and original note on this parent request:

There should be an option in the builder when editing the columns in the table to allow a "only connected records" as opposed to "all records" when in-line editing, (exactly the way you would select which connected records are visible on fields when creating a form) that would allow a connected, or limited option menu to choose from and not all records available.

This would prevent an inline edit on a table that wouldn't be available to happen on a form that has "connected record" filter logic applied to those fields..


Are you look for this future?

This is a very needed feature. I have to turn off all in-line edits because it doesn't filter based on the current user.

I would also like a way to maintain submit rules for inline edits.

e.g Status is toggled to Complete and custom email is sent.

Agree completely that restricting the values to connected records when performing inline edit of a table would be a huge improvement.

Presently, inline editing speeds up the update of records but puts at risk data integrity if users can select unrelated values for a cell in the table.

Maybe something similar on my topic If I understand correctly , it looks like a batch edit / update records ?

This would enhance user productivity. I can't let them inline-edit some fields for this reason, so they have to click - wait - choose - click - wait for every change.