KTL can now create QR Codes easily

Hi to all,

I have just released a new feature in the KTL: QR Code Generation.
Documentation can be found here: _bcg keyword

Whenever you need to generate a QR Code, just add the following keyword to a Details view:


_bcg stands for “Barcode Generator”. The optional parameter is the size in pixels. Default is 200 if omitted.

It will find the first field in the view and create the QR Code above the text.
Currently, only QR Codes are supported but more types can be added if requested.

Also, if you need a QR Code in another scenario (grids, etc), let me know.



Hi Normand,

this is very useful, thank you.

I use QR codes for lengthy URLs i do not want to display.

Would it be possible to add an optional parameter to suppress the display of the text and only show the QR code?

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Hi Wolfgang!

Thanks for the feedback and your improvement suggestion.

Of course, hiding the URL (or any QR code text actually) would be very easy to do.

How about an option “h” after the size parameter, like this:

to set size and hide text

to use default size and hide text

Any other suggestions is welcome,

Hi Wolfgang,

I’ve completed your request, and beyond.

Go see the KTL documentation update about the _bcg keyword here:

Barcode Generator - Keywords · cortexrd/Knack-Toolkit-Library Wiki (github.com)

You can now select any field in the details view and there’s an option to hide the text.

Let me know if you like it.

KTL version is now at 0.13.9

Don’t forget to update your loader to point to my new AWS S3 server!!!
KTL files are now migrated to a new AWS server for more reliability and availability. · cortexrd/Knack-Toolkit-Library · Discussion #22 (github.com)