Knack test

Hello Dear all!
My company is looking a suitable online database tool.
I came across the Knack charm so before announcing the benefits of this solution to my manager, I installed the system and performed some tests.

I created two tables in many to many and it works. However, I have a few questions before deciding:

1. In the list view of a table's records, i can select a record then edit / consult. How do I create a new record from the same list? Is it possible to have an action: creation of a new record?

2. In a table,
On the field which identifies the record, if we enter an existing record how will the system realize? Will the system decide that this is an update of the same record?




Thanks for your reply.
Please how dedupe works with snack?



You might want to watch some thing like this to help you understand the capability of Knack or play around with some of the sample apps as a user and then as a builder

They have excellent docs here that you can follow along on

The things you talk about in your email will be easily achievable after a small bit of reading. Honestly I have been amazed at what I could build with out any code with knack

good luck Noel