Knack Custom Code Examples

A friendly reminder from Knack about using custom code samples

We love the helpfulness and collaboration of the community, and also want to remind users to be prudent and cautious when using custom JS/CSS code samples, libraries, or toolkits offered by other users. These have not been reviewed by the Knack team and are not supported or endorsed by Knack.
We strongly recommend that builders have a thorough understanding of what any custom code will do before placing it into their apps.
Another fantastic option for implementing custom code, if you are not a developer, is to work with one of our many highly experienced and vetted Knack Experts.



Hello Kara. Thank you for sharing this and the suggestion to use a knack expert. Just so you know, I just checked and it looks like there is only one expert even listed in this group…atleast from what I can see. Am I missing something?

Hi @JacobHill21191,

You can find all of our experts here: Knack Experts Network
Hope that helps!