Welcome Knack Experts! Please review our forum Code of Conduct

Knack is excited to welcome our Partner Experts to our new forum!

We are so glad you are here and can’t wait to see all the ways you will contribute to this community. Before you dive in, please review the Code of Content below so you can help keep our community welcoming to all.

Code of Conduct

All members participating in the Expert Network must adhere to the Code of Conduct. Violators will be banned without exception. Here are the rules and guidelines for using the forum as a partner and Knack Expert:

  • Experts may not use the forum for purpose of advertising their services, products, custom integrations, or similar
    • Sharing tips, tricks, examples, and how-to guides, including links to your blog, are acceptable and can provide value for the community
  • Public disparagement of the Knack platform or recommendations to consider competitor alternatives by an Expert is a clear indication that there is no longer interest in maintaining Expert status and will result in:
    • an initial warning and removal of the post from the forum
    • if repeated, removal of the post from the forum, removal from expert network, and revocation of the expert badge
    • continued violations will result in removal from the forum

Wait, what is a Knack Partner Expert?

If you find yourself wondering what exactly a Knack Expert is, it’s simple, they are expert partner builders here to help!

Our new Expert Network is a fresh take on our old Builder Network and contains a group of vetted Knack Partner Experts who are ready to support the Knack community by building apps, sharing advice, and offering their services to help Knack customers succeed.

The home for our expert network can be found here. And Knack experts will be designated in the forum with this badge.

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