Knack and Squarespace

I added some of my Knack code to a Squarespace site and basically nothing loads.
It might be that Knack only works on a given domain?
I just want embed Knack into a Squarespace site and had hoped it would work straight out of the box?
Usually other apps I have used work straight away. Even on the test domain.
I am looking for advice and what to do and how best to debug? Thanks!

Hi Grayshott Parish Council, 

Did you find a solution for embedding Knack into SquareSpace? 

I'm currently having the same problem where my form doesn't show in Squarespace unless I refresh the page. I've found that the problem is the the embed codes from Knack do not respond well with AJAX (Which squarespace usually uses).

I'd appreciate the help with this, thanks!


well...SS is not always the most user friendly platform when integrating...i would run it through inspect element and see where you are erroring out..


if the app is huge...maybe you are timing out...test something tiny and small?


permissions + log in required?


I know for of the things we use it for is a customer portal...client can log in with their creds and view their when I am testing...i have to test in a different browser than the one I have my knack front or back end open in...and I also need to log in as a test user...because my login has access to all clients so it bugs out not know what to show or being able to show it all at the same time for all clients...not built for that.



We followed the instructions listed here:

The app seems to start up but we just get the spinning ball on the mac and nothing is displayed. 

Any ideas on debugging would be most welcome. 

we embed knack pages on our squarespace site. works well.if you have not done this, take the k knack embed code and paste into and ss html block.