Integrate your Knack directory in Squarespace

Our client, EHF, had a hard coded directory on their Squarespace site of all their fellows (essentially a picture and some text of each person). At the time there was about 100 fellows but they were quickly scaling that to 500! That, of course, is not feasible for the web designer to keep up with, and the data was getting quickly out of date anyway!

So, in phase 1 we built them a super simple Knack app last year, all the fellows could do was login and update their data in a couple of two way forms. We (and when I saw “we,” I mainly mean @CallumBoas21250) used a Squarespace code block to call Knack via API to present a public searchable directory (have a look see over here) of their profiles on the website with a bit of Netflix style pizazz to it.

In Phase 2 this year we brought in @Abhinandan1931 to help out and got their internal directory up to scratch with admin features for the team and a million and 1 other little tweaks and optimisations.

We wrote up a case study for a layman over here but for the grittier technical details of how the code worked, I’ll defer to Callum, in case you have questions.

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