Knack and PDFs and Google and Sheets and Knack

Ok - So here me out…I’m not smart enough to even know if this would work, but wanted to get thoughts on this before I spend 132 hours figuring it out. For the sake of this convo, let’s use Zapier.

Basically, what I’d like to do is…

Update a record (Let’s call it “Create PDF”)
Knack sends data to Google Sheets
Google Sheets sends to Google Docs Template
Google Docs Template creates PDF
PDF Doc is inserted in Google Sheets as a file
Google Sheets sends the PDF file to Knack

Would this work or is this the dumbest thing anyone has asked since the last time I participated in the community? I understand this wouldn’t work for all intended applications, but in theory, it could help me create some training certificates.

I’m not sure about inserting a pdf inside a Google Sheet, you can add the file URL but I don’t think you can embed the actual PDF file.
Creating a certificate from dynamic Knack data into Google Docs is completely possible. I don’t use Zapier (I use Make) so you will need adapt the below video to suite. Depending on your knowledge level the video should help move you forward.

PS. This is obviously not my video production, just one of many channels I follow. :grinning::rocket:


@CarlHolmes Thanks! Maybe my first thought should have been insert a pdf to google drive and then back to Knack. Thank you for posting this video. I’m a big fan of your channel, as well! I appreciate the feedback!

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Thanks @JarrodSevi20608 - hopefully it was of help and some inspiration :blush: