Keyword search in multiple choice fields

One of our users came to me with a question today regarding a search they were trying to do. They would like to search for all of the jobs that use a certain piece of equipment. For example, they would like to search for all active jobs that require an “underground locator”. “Underground Locator” is a line item in our multiple choice “Tools” field. So they go to the Active Job list and enter “Underground” in the search box and the only jobs that come up are those with the word “Underground” in the description or elsewhere in the job record. You can enter “Underground”, “Locator”, or “Underground Locator” and the search only appears to pull up records that have those strings in other fields, not in the Multiple Choice fields.

To get around this, I added the multiple choice field to an Advanced Search option that was already in place. This works fine, but I was wondering if anyone else had seen this issue using the keyword search.

Hi @Scott3 - I was intrigued with your query, so I replicated it as I was sure this should work. However, as shown below, you are correct. Using the “search by keyword” doesn’t return any results.

I’m sure this used to work as expected, as it logically should. I have therefore raised a ticket to support (#168189) and will circle back when I hear more. We may find that @Marek picks this up and replies here :+1:

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@Scott3 - I had a reply from @Kara today who explained that it’s a known issue. In my example, if you type “Hammer” in full with the correct case sensitivity it will return expected results. So for your example, you would have to type “Underground Locator”.

Partial keyword searches are not supported in Multiple Choice options

Thanks for digging into this Carl. I was able to replicate, the search criteria must be an exact case sensitive match for the multiple choice records to be returned.

When doing this I also found another problem with our data and the search. Some of the entries have dashes ‘-’ in them. For example “BT-4 IH Bucket Truck”. There is no way for Knack to return records with this entry. I can cut/paste the data into the search block and it will not return accurate results. What it does seem to return is any record with a “4” in it.