Search with numeric vs alpha characters

We have the keyword search option turned on for our application and it has worked well for over 4 years. We use the “search only fields used by this view” option to keep things simple. This week we noticed that we can’t search by entering a number, the system just spins and never returns anything. We can search by entering alpha characters and it works normally.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

No, not see this behaviour :thinking:
I was using the “search by keyword” today only looking for numbers and it worked as expected.

Hey @Scott3
Hmmm, this does seem strange. Please pop us an email at with the URL to the view so that we can investigate this for you.

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This only occurs on our job listing object. It doesn’t occur on the other objects. Jobs are the central component of our app with about a dozen connections.

Definitely could be a bug!

Our situation seems to be exactly the same as described and was noticed yesterday. If we search using only numbers all we get is the spinner but if the search contains letters only, or even 1 letter the search will perform as expected.



Initially, we attributed this to trying the KTL code but removing this had not resolved the issue. We have already contacted support to report the issue.

The issue does not occur in a new replicated view of the same grid.

Hey @Dean2 and @Scott3 - please make sure to submit a ticket to us so that we can check to see what is causing this, and squash the bug :slight_smile:

This was submitted to support on 4/28/2023 - ticket 172108

I also received another ticket 172146 when I submitted it to support on 4/29/2023 from your response on this forum topic.

The scenario is still occurring but only occurs on our job listing. It does not occur on the other objects.

Got it, thanks! @Cesar is handling your ticket and will be in touch soon!

This issue has been fixed, thanks for following up.


Always happy to help! Thanks for letting me know.

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