📣 It's time for an improved live app!

Great news. I would be really keen to have the ability to add check boxes to tables without code and then use the new improved rules to update selected records ie append or add users to records.


We’re excited! Ship it!! :muscle: :raised_hands: :ship:

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By the way, talking about design for the Live App…

The LAYOUT functionalty

should be ubicated in the Settings design & LAYOUT:

Or maybe there is a reason that escape me.

Hi team. Being a no code developer it would be nice to have more control over the layouts , I look forward to the updates to the CSS control

Check out this new post on our first feature we’re working on for the live app updates: Live App: View Link Styles, and let us know what you think over there!

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I have just created a New Feauture Request related to Live App Design.

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