Flexible Page layouts (more columns, view adjacent to each other)

As a Knack Builder, I would like to be able to have more comprehensive and flexible page layouts (more columns, the ability to put views next to each other) so that I can more clearly arrange my Live App pages for my users.

Scenario: There are some tables that don’t need to be the full page width, that could have a form or another table next to it. Another example would be a details or a list view on the same line as a report.

Would like to see this as well.

Can anyone from Knack chime in on this? This is becoming a big issue for creating usable pages to show certain information. If I have a table that I want to display that only has 2 columns, the table stretches across the entire screen and is not very readable. Does anyone have some sort of workaround? I tried with some CSS, but wasn't very successful getting the tables to format correctly.

100% behind this one. I think this is particularly useful for displaying a details view and corresponding entries in a table next to it, or a report next to it.

Just wanted to bring this back up. The full width views really take up a lot of screen real estate and it would be so much more efficient to be able to have views side by side in several columns. Is there any plan to implement this?

yes me too, almost like a 4 table dashboard or something that we could do.

there isnt full use of screen estate yet!