Grid Layout for Pages - For embedding views side-by-side

Knack is wonderful system to build applications. As my applications are getting more mature with time, I get into this problem more often.

Right now there is no way to show your views side-by-side in knack pages. By default Knack has only one column grid in pages where views are stacked vertically. Yes you can use CSS float properties to do that customization but it would nice if pages have multiple grid options to choose from.

For example, 1 column, 2 column and 3 column with specific width sizes for each column. Users can choose a specific page layout and embed their views in columns.

This will open many new possibilities for customized knack applications.

This request has been around for a while, but happy to close, as flexible page layouts with multiple columns was a feature released in the New Builder.

I am hoping you already are working in upgrading the way views are shown, and giving us the possibility to make grid views, so that ex. two narrow pivot reports can occupy the same line, instead of being on top of each other like shown here.