Can client side CSS define total columns?

Hi all, disclaimer.
Completely new to Knack so apologies in advance if my question appears ‘stupid’.
We have a client that uses Wordpress for his website.
He uses Knack and uses an iFrame to embed his Knack database (working fine).

However the styling could do with a bit of work.
Currently Knack shows in two columns, I’m trying to make it three but am concerned that this is controlled by Knack and not CSS. Can you make a three column layout in Knack via local CSS or is this controlled by Knack?

Here’s the page we are working on:
Here’s where we’d like to take it: Obituaries - Davis Funerals

Any advice / tips would be greatly appreciated.



Hello Mark,

You can do this directly with a knack. Select 3 columns

Sunny Singla