Show # of records on filters

Hi guys,

Let’s see if many will love this one.

Not only very useful to quikly have visibility and save much time hitting every filter to discover if there is any record inside, but also of standard use nowadays in collaborative webs.

This is a great feature to add to the now priority Live App design.
It could be made optional, and we could choose the colors.

ps: for some who might wonder, the image is not a print screen of my own code but a powertpoint prototype design.

Hey @MichaelG - this would be a nice feature.
I use filter menus a lot for workflow and it would be good to have a visual count indicator so you know how many records are there.
Particularly useful when a filter has zero records so the user doesn’t have to click to see no results. :+1:

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That would be nice, but the problem is that it’s not possible to know that number in advance to show it. You must apply the filter to get the actual number at that moment. Records can be added or deleted at any time, and by other users.

BUT! On the other hand, I can implement something really close in my KTL (Knack Toolkit Library) that would show that last number of records found for a given applied “User Filter”, when you hover over the button. That would be a close indicator that could have some usefullness.

FYI, the User Filters are buttons provided by the KTL that allow you to name any custom filters you create and save them as a button for quick retrieval. Much more versatile than the presets that only allow one field/value pair.

Go see it here: KTL on Github

It’s still in pre-release, but very functional. I use it in two industrial projects where the company tracks their production and manage sales.

If you’re interested in such a feature, let me know - and most of all… KTL is 100% free.


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That would be already a significant gain of time.
Pease @NormandDefayette_CortexRD , keep us updated when we can try that!

@CarlHolmes : I need it for the workflow too. :smiley: