Issues with Action link not functioning to update record

I’m hoping someone might have run into an issue with this before and can point me in the correct direction.

I have created an events calendar for our business membership. The individual who creates the event can add participants, however we also want other participants to be able to add themselves to the event. In the Event View page I added an Action Link that has the below settings. However the link is not valid when you click the Add Participant to Event Link. The error that is displayed when you mouseover the link is "javascript:void(0): which makes me suspect I setup the action incorrectly.

Below are the settings I have setup.

Event Status is Upcoming

Action #1
Update this record
Field: Participating Businesses (Which is a multiple drop-down with the capability to add new records)
To a Custom Value
by adding
With the last field blank

The plan is then the viewer of the event can click the link and choose their business name if it’s already listed or add a new business name.

Am I missing something or are there any recommendations for this to work successfully?

Kelli - we’d be happy to help if you wouldn’t mind sending a request to That will allow us to discuss your app construction and request permission to view the app.

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