Action Links, what really do with it?

Hey Guys,

Action Links seems to be a cool addon for Knack. However, I was not able to identify cool ways to use it. Please feel free to share how and for what you used action links.

To be honest, inline edit detail view would be much better for some uses.

I'm using it in an app for a client to send an email asking a referee to fill in an applicant's reference (with a link to the form) - and then update the record to show it was sent. I've combined this with display rules to only show the link when certain criteria are met.

Hi guys, I am using it to update a record from active to archived.

I havent used it yet, but i have all sorts of extra forms and submit rules for records to be updated and progressed along a workflow. This should help remove loads of excess steps for the user.

Will see once in practice.