Is there a way to refresh for all users?

We often have multiple users accessing our app at the same time, and adding new ‘jobs’ to our calendar. Is there any way to trigger a refresh that will apply to all users at the same time? For example, if my colleague puts in a new job into the calendar, I won’t see it unless I refresh my screen so it has caused a few issues. Any ideas? Something perhaps that can trigger when a calendar event is created, it triggers a refresh of the app for all users?

I have some code that reloads tables on an interval timer but it doesn’t work with the calendar.
Its going to be possible with code (I’m not a coder)

Tagging my two highly capable colleges to see if they can assist - @Sunny_Singla @KnackPros

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Hi Meagan,

You can do this with code.

Essentially, the code checks periodically for new calendar events and if found, refreshes the app. This approach is known as “polling” and is sufficient for small to mid-size apps. More complicated apps tend to use web sockets but that takes considerably longer to set up with Knack than polling.

If you’re a programmer I recommend doing a google search for “polling” and starting there. Or feel free to get in touch if you’d like to hire someone to write the code for you.

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