How do I support a live update of my Google Apps calendar from Knack Calendar


Just wondering if anyone has worked out the most effective way for the Knack Calendar to update a GoogleApps Calendar?

I gather that RSS Feed is more for an RSS reader.

I've downloaded in iCal file and imported manually into Google Calendar but I don't think is a live update. It also seems a little inconsistent. All my entries are for Days (not Day/Time). Sometimes it adds as Day event and other times as 12am.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



There is a Knack Tip at the page link below saying you can add a calendar to Google via the RSS URL to automatically sync... but I just tried it and Google Calendar gave me an error saying the data was not in the correct format. I'm going to open up a Knack ticket.

Here is the Knack support page:

You can use iCal, but it take sometime to update. It is not in real time.

Thanks Guilherme

I was hoping that RSS or iCal options might play with Google apps. We have a small team using Knack and ideally it would integrate with everyone's calendar (allowing a feed or automated import).

Unfortunately, Zapier - which looks great - would cost an $100/month - more than we are paying for Knack.

You can try for that.