Is there a way to debug Page rules to hide views

I am having an issues today with a page that has 15 rules tied to it. The rules hide views on that page that I want hidden based on the status of the record. We have been testing extensively and up until today they were working as expected. Is there somewhere in chrome developer that I can debug the rules. Currently my only method is to replace the hide views with a display message. This confirms which rule is being used for the given test but doesn’t tell me why the hide views isn’t hiding the views that are selected.


Great question @JuliaGlowa31189 - I’ve seen something in the Knack model in the dark past that could be inspected in the console via Javascript but I can’t find it quickly testing now.

Anyone know this?

Julie had similar issue and it turned out to be a positional dependence. That is, the rule was not being executed because a prior condition had been met.
Have you tried moving it up the order of execution ?

Yes, I spent 2 days moving the rules about and it didn’t help if it was the top rule. The view wouldn’t hide. I change the action from ‘Hide Views’ to ‘show confirmation msg’ to confirm that the rule was being executed which it was. However when I changed it back to ‘Hide Views’ it was not hiding the views. These were rules that we’ve had in place for 2 months of testing. After 2 days of scratching my head trying to fix it, it started working again. Frustrating to say the least. It did get me wondering if there was a better way to debug rules. This one page is starting to get quite complicated.