Interaction on requests

I’ve had a couple questions I have thrown out there but no responses from others or from KNACK. Sure they may not seem issues to others who don’t need or care about the functions but it would be nice to know someone is listening or encountering same thing !

1. Sharing of images between files in an app.
We can do text formula’s to easily extract information even text formula fields from another file but we still can’t share an IMAGE between files ? WTHeck
I would have thought that was a fairly basic functionality. I mean who wants to be storing multiple copies of the same image when it is already stored in one file that is the source of a range of text data.
ie Products file with a picture of products. Orders file calls up the product file for price and description. Why can’t you get the picture of the product also ?

2. Filters menu not accessible if you pre-define any specific filters.
Basically I have top level filter that I can make a “filter button” for and display on the screen at the top. But you then can’t do any subsequent level filtering because the filters button is no longer present. Only way around that is to duplicate the screen for every conceivable top level filter and retain the filter button. Archaic method to my way of thinking and creates countless unnecessary pages and menu selections

Appreciate any comments

Hi @RayWindlow47079

Not sure what you mean by “file”, do you mean “object”?

Point 1 - You can show the product image as a connected value from the orders table in a details view. Not sure if this is what you’re trying to achieve.

Point 2 - Agreed, would be a useful override that has been brought up here before. Your workaround is the only easy solution at this time.

Thanks Carl
Yes I was aware of “details view” but it only supports a one to one relationship.

I believe where “details view” falls over is if you have a table listing of a multi product order. Order File has a one to many relationship with Product file.
So while your processing.

You can’t display an image of each product being ordered as it is a table view which in essence is the only way to handle one to many relationships.

I have a work around with a details view table after adding items on a seperate screen, but it highlights one of the weaknesses of Knack to be to handle one to many values progressively on the one screen.

I can only liken it to as stated a sales system where a customer orders multiple products. It just doesnt handle that terribly well (in my opinion).
If you disagree I would love to see some examples of making the process easy because in essence it applies to all database that have such relationships where you wish to add an unknown number of child objects to the parent file.

Cheers for the reply