Storing a single Image in a master file and displaying it within records of another

Okay this may have been done and more effectively but I could not find the answer to it.

Bear in mind I am used to relational databases where anything stored can theoretically be access between files provided the key to that file is known INCLUDING IMAGES

Okay database scenario - similar in layout to a Products/Sales system.

We have a Product with an image of that product.

We have a Sales file that can call the Product file for price, description etc but cannot access the image stored on the products file.

We want to display the image of what was bought as well as the data.

Yes we could store it externally and put a link to a URL from a cloud environment or website but it relies on that source remaining intact and in the case of cloud storage the links can be horribly long winded and unreadable. So if you change your domain woops the image is gone, start editing records to fix it.

We could also embed the image within the sale record BUT that then adds to the overall data usage within our database and storing the image over and over each time it is sold is kinda dumb.

Now we stored the image IN OUR DATABASE surely we can use it ? We know the product code and the product record has the image we must be able to use it in other forms.

With a bit of fiddling I came up with this idea and it works fine for me.

First I started an image field on Products and uploaded the image I wanted to store.

I also started a text field"called "Product Image Link"

Now from my product table i called up the image file and clicked on it to open it in a new tab. This then gives you the address on your knack database where the image is.

Copy and paste that URL link into the text field.

I then created an image field in my sales file and nominated a URL link to get the image for the sale.

In here I can store my KNACK DATABASE PRODUCT IMAGE link from the products file.

Presto the product image stored in my database is now on the sale file when retrieved.

Bear in mind this is not an immediate on the spot process.

It won't solve the issue of calling up product images live if you created an immediate sales.

Hope this helps someone. Better yet if someone has solved this in better fashion please share.

Knack please note, the ability to share images between files would be an awesome feature to add if it could be done. Opens a whole new world of potential applications.