Imports not working

Imports do not appear to be working?

I have selected Import, opened the CSV, matched the relevant columns in the database to the Knack fields, and I can progress as far as the Confirm page, where it confirms how many records will be updated - I click the “Start import” button to start the import, then… nothing.

The usual progress bar that appears does not appear, and no upload takes place?

No issue with our CSV - we have been carrying out this process to upload sales results every week for 2 years in the same way, today the uploads just don’t start.

Any ideas?

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Hi Vernon! Have you already submitted a ticket to our team at

We’d be happy to help! If you have already submitted a ticket, could you please let us know the ticket number?

Same thing for me today. Just a routine 25 file import.
Not only fails but hangs the important function so it’s not selectable for a retry.
Knack again turning a 2 minute job into 2 hours… :roll_eyes:

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for letting us know. If you haven’t already done so, please send an email to so that we can investigate further.