Immediate refresh upon value change

When you update a value inline have it refresh that value to where it belongs.

Ex. If you have a filter that shows only available available units. Once marked "Sold", the unit would immediately be removed from the available filter and placed into the Sold filter.

Not sure if it could also immediately change on other users screens as well.

@Andrew, can you share your code?

I am currently using a JS workaround that re-renders current view which is much faster than page reload: "location.hash = location.hash + "#";" 

This feature would be great. I can get it to update values immediately based on a conditional value in that field option but can't get it to change to a connected value. In other words If I select Yes in my field I want it to set the value to 1 but if I select No and hit submit I want it to set to the value from another table. The second part of this doesn't work. I have to set up a task to update ALL fields.