Set a default value of a field to a value in another field


I want to be able to set a default value of a field to another field in that table or a parent table. I found how to set concrete default values (e.g. 4), but not an option to calculate it based on other fields. Is it possible?

To elaborate my specific problem: I have a table of reagents. For each reagent, there is a recommended concentration by the manufacturer. In addition, I have a table of reagents used in specific tasks, which is connected to the reagents table. When a user enters a new task they need to connect to it all the reagents used and their concentrations. These are usually the same as the recommended concentration of the manufacturer, but can be altered for different tasks. So, ideally I would like that when a user picks a reagent, he would get a default value for the 'concentration' field. That value should be inherited from the 'recommended concentration' field of the reagent. Then the user decides if he wants to keep it or put in a new value.

I hope this is clear. Thank you for your help,


I'm not good with javascript but for anyone having similar I assume you could have some array/dictionary in your javascript code that maps tasks to reagents, then use that to set your default field accordingly.

I believe that fields with conditional rules may do this. Clicking on the field and selection conditional rules from the database view you can set the value of the field based on one or more conditions. Does this help?



I would really like to know how to set default values based on other field calculations as well.


My example...

Teams Object (has team name and cost of registration)

Payments Object (has team name [many to one] and equation field that sums all registration fees "payment required")  this payment object also has a "payment amount" currency field.  I would like the default of the "payment amount" field to be the amount of the "payment required" field.